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The reason why Yellow Fever Is Significantly Diffent Than “Having a Type”

The reason why Yellow Fever Is Significantly Diffent Than “Having a Type”

Placing racial fetishists directly

The Bold Italic Editors

I’ m among the numerous twentysomething East Asian women located in the Bay Area. Because of that truth, I’ve missing count of what amount of dudes bring moved up to let me know that their particular ex-girlfriends are Asian. Racial pickup contours such as for example “Konichiwa, Hello Kitty!” unfortunately need ceased to treat myself after all.

Some time straight back, a Tumblr known as “Creepy light grams u ys” with screencaps of actual communications obtained by Asian women from men on OkCupid rose to mainstream fame with BuzzFeed plans. I don’t thought it is reasonable making it seem like merely Caucasian men are this lame, but those particular reviews definitely build a high i’m all over this my personal directory of “Most Racist Things I’ve Seen This Decade.” I cannot understand the thing that makes men decide to state things like “Unlike white girls, [Asian] ladies remember just what it’s like to be a lady: becoming docile and submissive and polite to men.” This is why they woo the girls they’re presumably attracted to?!

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